Peppa Pig Design Night Light Lamp


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Product Description

Peppa Pig Design Night Light Lamp

  • Fully Flexible and Adjustable: – It is manufacture in such a way that it can satisfy all our users in all the concepts.
  • Rotate it as your need, the desk light will be balanced, It will never be loose.
  • Non-Flicking Natural Light: – A scientifically designed desk-led panel lamp reflects the light sideways and provides a glare less, uniform, and more natural light source.
  • USB Charging: – This Light comes with USB charging support because we think that this is the most common charging method used by every single person and can be find easily.
  • Peppa Pig Design Night Light LampYou will get a USB cable with it attach it with any adapter or your laptop or power bank or any other USB port it will start charging.
  • With this Light, we have provided some extra and most useful features like Mobile Phones Stand and Stationery Holder.

Multi-Functional Use

  1. Mobile Phones Stand:- It comes in handy when you watch movies, videos, or have a video call with your loved ones and It may be the safest place to put your phone.
  2. Stationary Holder: – We are calling it stationary holder because here you can put your all the small item needed while you go for study.


  • Capacity: 400mAh
  • Input Voltage: 5V
  • Output Voltage: 4V
  • Input Power: 3W
  • Output Power: 1.6W
  • Input Frequency: 50Hz
  • Function: 2 File Light
  • Accessories: Charging mode